Make Your Birthday a SMASHING SUCCESS.

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! Come the new year, I will be offering some new creative session options, including DELUXE cake smashes! I have teamed up with the fabulous Kendra Keyes, who runs Suga Suga Cakes (Lacey, WA) to truly make a birthday celebration special, and take the hassle out of bringing your own out for a shoot. She is an amazing baker, mama, and artist with tons of experience.kendrassc

To celebrate the kickoff and announcement to you all, we did a session with her darling little Zya to show a glimpse of one of her smash cakes and the fun to be had! Here, Zya had a beautiful multi-layer vanilla smash cake with peach/rose buttercream frosting and glitter (safe to eat of course). Deluxe cake smashes will have a custom theme and matching cake- and entail formal poses, the smash with a Suga Suga Cake included, and a little bath after. And as always, a digital gallery and several prints will be included with option to purchase larger pieces of art for your home or gifts. 🙂 

Smashes aren’t just for babies~ we can do this at any age (just no bath for older participants lol). Whether you, a friend or a little has a birthday coming up, contact me to book this smashing session and celebrate!

New session options and pricing will be released after the beginning of the new year, but you can ALWAYS enquire on booking in the meantime.

Visit Suga Suga Cakes on facebook, custom cakes for all events! 

Keep an eye out for new creative sessions and news on the LL facebook page! 

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The Classic Art Session

One session package available here at Lucky Lasso Studios is the “Classic Art” session. This is a really fun package that embraces history, art and culture- along with providing some neat pieces for your home decor!

I have always had a fascination with history, along with the creativity of humankind throughout all ages and stages of time. I find expression so interesting in all of its forms: art, photography, music, writing, architecture…. Even some people’s gardens inspire me! 🙂

With this series/session package, I provide outfits, props and setting that goes with an artistic theme. After the posing part of the session is over, I get to work in “Post Editing” by hand. During this part of the process, I tone the raw image, place in Photoshop and being to “hand paint”- matching the particular feels of oil art on canvas. I also add additional settings and/or details to give it a truly classic vibe. This style of editing and imagery is known as “painterly”.


Here are some examples of the “Classic Art” package, done here at Lucky Lasso Studios.

For further details and session pricing, click here.

Interested in making your own heirloom art? Contact me to book your session! 




Thank you to my model Tanna ❤ 
Artist credit for wreath I used in photo 3: <a href=,lace_2181413.html>Graphics from</a>

Baby Bunny Photoshoot? YES PLEASE.

A lot of folks don’t really know the magic here until they arrive for their first session. This isn’t your average portrait experience- you get to enjoy the property, relax, have fun with animals, and leave with memories captured. ❤ Kids LOVE the bunnies here… and so do I haha! Last night I took them all into the studio to check it out, they were pretty sleepy but still ADORABLE.

Here are some shots from lil’ my baby bunny session ❤

Come out and meet them! 

Note to my clients: Some are staying here, and some have already been spoken for, but when they are ready to find special homes my clients can come out and get first pick if interested, with a photo!  ❤ 


Fun, Fields and… A Star Wars Tea Party.

I am so excited to feature and share this session I had with the Chick Family. They are a beautiful couple, phenomenal parents and a spark of a family altogether. Amanda (mom) runs a business in Olympia to help Thurston County inmates transition to clean and sober housing while following up on their life changes and success. Chris (dad) is a dedicated and hardworking man of our military, the whole family dedicates all they can to the best outcome of our country. They have the sweetest, spunkiest little gal that just so happens to love STAR WARS- which put an extra soft spot in my heart on top of how incredible this family is!

Be bold, be you, be in the moment. 

…and enjoy every step of the way.

Pour tea for Darth Vader, embrace all the joys you have, love the little things- and the big things. Be like the Chicks. ❤

Here are some of the tea party and additional moments from our session, it was pure magic all around~

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Goat Yoga makes it’s debut in Rochester, WA.

This weekend I had the privilege of sitting in on a #GOATYOGA session held by Half Pint Farm out here in Rochester, WA. Soft music played while I sat in various spots of the rustic barn, as sunlight peeked where it could- sometimes with a goat in my lap, other times smiling at the fun they were having. Goat yoga is becoming a very popular activity around the states, it provides a truly natural atmosphere along with a way to come out of your shell and let the little things go. The presence of animals provides a connection to nature itself during the practice, along with an interaction that is peaceful and positive. BEWARE HOWEVER: YOU MAY LEAVE CLASS WANTING TO GET A GOAT OF YOUR OWN. ❤

I had a chance to ask Rachael Heinrich of Half Pint Farms some questions about her start, the now and what we can anticipate in the future:


LLS: What made you decide to pursue goat yoga?

Rachael: Two summers ago, I was talking with other homesteaders on the Facebook page and someone mentioned goat yoga and how popular it was in Oregon. Someone mentioned my name and that I should do it. This was about the same time that we did our paperwork for Grace Be Given. We created Grace Be Given to help at risk youth and special needs kids. Animals are very therapeutic.

LLS: how long have you been living “the farm life?”

Rachael: Okay, I’m answering your questions, but I have to interject here with a back story. I have PTSD and I’m bipolar. Before my farm, it was hard to get out of bed sometimes. I was so depressed. Then we moved to Rochester on half an acre. I started thinking about things I could do with half an acre. I thought about gardening. And I thought about animals. And I narrowed it down: I wanted goats. And I narrowed it down to a miniature dairy goat, Nigerian Dwarves. I started getting excited and I got so excited, I planned it all on paper and made a homesteading binder. I felt like I had a purpose, something to look forward to. We got a barn, we dug up garden space, we fenced in barnyard. And then I got my first two bottle fed baby goats. I fell in love. That was seven years ago.

LLS: How do you think goats help others, for example in goat yoga and Grace Be Given?

Rachael: I get up on my hardest days bc I have the most loving animals waiting for me to care for them. And it feels good. It helps me. And I wish when I was a kid, I had that for me then. Something that made me feel special. So now fast forward to Grace Be Given. I want kids to have what I didn’t. Animals are therapy for the soul. There’s kids out there who can benefit from a goat hug (when they wrap their neck into yours). Kids who don’t know what nurturing is bc they’ve never been nurtured. And they can come to a farm, and learn to care for something that will love them back. It’s beautiful.

Goat Yoga is effective because one, what’s not fun about pogo stick baby goats bouncing from hay bales to your back? It’s entertaining! But they also touch the heart. They come to you with trust and of course, looking adorable. . .they ignite the nurturing spirit we have in us and we want to just love on them and accept their cuddles as they bond to you. It creates an impression on you that melts stress away, makes you feel valued, and puts you in the moment of now.

LLS: Tell us about Half Pint Farm, and what we can anticipate from you in our area!

Rachael: We named Half Pint Farm bc we are on a half acre, with half sized goats, and the first time I learned to milk, I got half a pint. It just fits us. We have chickens galore, for eggs and meat, and seven does (girl goats), two bucks (daddy goats), five bucklings (baby boys), five bee colonies, a huge garden, and my farm stand. We are expanding as I obtain my cottage license to bake and sell in the stand. We love our lifestyle. It’s work, but it’s rewarding!

Dreaming big, I would love for Grace Be Given to raise enough funds for a down payment on more acreage to expand the farm, so we can accommodate a growing number of people. What to expect from this new chapter? To make a difference, to be the change I want to see. If just a handful of people were benefited by Grace Be Given, I’d be okay with that.

Visit her Facebook to sign up for a class or join the community: Half Pint Farm – Grace Be Given Program

The first round of classes are currently offered through June 7th, 2018 with a 15 person max each class. The price is $30 per class, and she has specials on packages— hurry and try it out while you can grab a spot!

Saying Goodbye to TOYS R US. <3

Today we said goodbye to a place that makes memories special to my heart. Times are changing, and people just don’t bring their kids to hang out in a toy store anymore…

I remember so vividly all the times I went to this toy store as a child. It was a big event. My father took me in and we ran around laughing as I was soaring in a world full of awe and excitement. I made friends. I played. I was filled with wonder. And I came home with something so special to me. I wanted to make sure our son had that experience before the opportunity was gone.

We brought Buzz Lightyear to find his friends, and we did! We rode bikes. We played around. We made a memory.

It saddens me that specialty stores like Toys r Us are disappearing, but it is a reality. I encourage you to take your little ones there to give them that feeling you remember growing up before the stores close! In our Washington area, there are stores in Olympia, Tacoma, and Puyallup.

Go make a memory, and maybe… say goodbye yourself. ❤

We’ll miss you, #toysrus



Thank You for… YOU

As I drink coffee like water and organize the numbers for the year, I want to thank each and every one of you for not just your business and trust but the pleasure of meeting you. This year has been an adventure and I have had such a pleasure meeting and working with such wonderful people. BIG THANKS from my assistant and I. ❤
With the New Year comes new efforts, goals and ideas, the facebook site will be changing a bit (merging with Linson Photographs) and I will be rolling out some fun contests, events and other surprises- keep an eye peeled for updates and fun from Lucky Lasso Studios!

HERE’S TO FAMILY, GOALS, AND COMMUNITY as we begin a fresh year.

Love to all, ~Kim and Jackson.momdaybbq17-40

Holiday Sessions on Mt. Rainier!

This year, I decided to put together a fun event for the holidays- one that brought families together to enjoy the season during the session. This past weekend was such a blast! We all met on Mt. Rainier to play in the snow, enjoy the scenery and really take in the the time of the year. I met some amazing folks and had a day full of fun.

It was a bit tricky to coordinate everyone to meet on a mountain, and we even changed our meeting spot the day of due to a winter storm hitting our higher up original location (of course it did LOL). But everyone made it to our meeting spot and I was able to snag some awesome shots in the snow.

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was such a pleasure to work with you all and truly have a day that brought the spirit of the season!

Here are some shots of the day, such a blast! Everyone in every session looked so great, and all kiddos did an awesome job, especially in 25 degree weather lol.

Thank you to some of my families that allowed me to share your special moments!

Happy holidays everyone~ enjoy this special time of the year. 

The Last Breath of Fall

My favorite session from this week features a fun and candid family and adorable fall feel.

Winter has made it’s mark here in Washington, most of the leaves are gone, the grass is green again and of course- the rain is here. However, for this session, we focused on the colors and vibes that were still shining, here at Lucky Lasso and at a nearby railroad.

And, luckily, the day was dry with sunshine beaming through the almost bare trees. ❤ All around perfect.

This family was a great pair with this shoot too- they were so candid and sincere, and their little boy had some fun with leaves and the “train place”.

I think it is important to notice and enjoy the surroundings in your shoot, (both photographer and models) especially when it has a certain theme. It was positive and fun for all of us, and I am so appreciative of it as I sit here writing this post with pouring rain outside.

Thank you for helping me appreciate and enjoy fall’s last breath, N, J and L!

Here is a glimpse of our shoot:



Hook, Line and SINKER!

How is this for an awesome memory- a pinup photo session with an old truck, then some country photos—– leading up to A SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT!!!!

This session was planned for a month, and Nick reached out to me secretly and made it even more amazing- he told me he wanted to surprise Ashley and propose DURING the shoot!


Toward the end of the shoot, we planned for me to tell her to lean on the truck and turn away, looking off in the distance. I then faked complaining that the shots were too dark, and pretended to struggle with holding a reflector, while telling her to stay still. That was his cue— he offered to help me hold the reflector, and when doing so, I handed it to him along with his ring. I pretended to explain catching light to him, and asked him to squat down and tilt it up so that her peripheral vision wouldn’t get suspicious. When she turned around the reflector was down and the ring was up!!! She was so surprised, he pulled it off perfectly!!!

Big congrats to this amazing couple, so happy for them! Look at some of the shots from our session, they are so genuine and fun- a truly perfect pair. ❤ 

Good job, Nick- you caught the big fish!!!!