Make Your Birthday a SMASHING SUCCESS.

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! Come the new year, I will be offering some new creative session options, including DELUXE cake smashes! I have teamed up with the fabulous Kendra Keyes, who runs Suga Suga Cakes (Lacey, WA) to truly make a birthday celebration special, and take the hassle out of bringing your own out for a shoot. She is an amazing baker, mama, and artist with tons of experience.kendrassc

To celebrate the kickoff and announcement to you all, we did a session with her darling little Zya to show a glimpse of one of her smash cakes and the fun to be had! Here, Zya had a beautiful multi-layer vanilla smash cake with peach/rose buttercream frosting and glitter (safe to eat of course). Deluxe cake smashes will have a custom theme and matching cake- and entail formal poses, the smash with a Suga Suga Cake included, and a little bath after. And as always, a digital gallery and several prints will be included with option to purchase larger pieces of art for your home or gifts. 🙂 

Smashes aren’t just for babies~ we can do this at any age (just no bath for older participants lol). Whether you, a friend or a little has a birthday coming up, contact me to book this smashing session and celebrate!

New session options and pricing will be released after the beginning of the new year, but you can ALWAYS enquire on booking in the meantime.

Visit Suga Suga Cakes on facebook, custom cakes for all events! 

Keep an eye out for new creative sessions and news on the LL facebook page! 

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Baby Bunny Photoshoot? YES PLEASE.

A lot of folks don’t really know the magic here until they arrive for their first session. This isn’t your average portrait experience- you get to enjoy the property, relax, have fun with animals, and leave with memories captured. ❤ Kids LOVE the bunnies here… and so do I haha! Last night I took them all into the studio to check it out, they were pretty sleepy but still ADORABLE.

Here are some shots from lil’ my baby bunny session ❤

Come out and meet them! 

Note to my clients: Some are staying here, and some have already been spoken for, but when they are ready to find special homes my clients can come out and get first pick if interested, with a photo!  ❤ 


The Trick to a Succesful Toddler Shoot

What’s the trick to a successful toddler shoot- with smiles, poses and the capture of their personality?


Take a deep breath, and have fun. Try to not necessarily focus on the picture you are taking but more-so on the moment you are trying to capture. Be with them in that moment, and use your camera to allow you to look back on that through the years. Don’t stress about poses, wing it and let them contribute with their ideas- it will be rewarding for everyone!

Be silly– don’t make them dread pictures, make them have a fun experience! The best smiles are ones that are from being happy in the moment, not from someone telling you to smile a million times. And, if you both have a blast when taking pictures, your toddler just may ask you to do them all the time! WIN! It’s ok to ask them to show you a big smile, or look at you- I just recommend being silly and fun while you are interacting with them.

With this outlook, your toddler won’t feel he/she is being told what to do and feels helpful (which is a major difference maker lol), you won’t feel frustration, and you should end up with some AWESOME shots and a special time with your kiddo.

Candy is a plus to eat throughout the shoot too, but that goes with the whole “have fun” thing lol. 

Here are some shots from a session my son and I did today: 

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An Autumn Afternoon with the Heinrich Family

This shoot here at Lucky Lasso Studios yesterday was such a blast. The Heinrich family came out for some fall family photos, and we laughed our butts off. I am so grateful that I am able to not only work from home, but I get to share moments with so many amazing people! And hey, be sure to check out Rachael’s Farm page!

Rachael and Scott have a pure love that defies the test of time. It was like photographing a pair of teenage lovebirds- they are so in love and infatuated with one another.

The “kids” were so kind and fun. They aren’t really kids, one has just started college and the other is in high school. It was so refreshing to see how much they love their parents and how well they got along.

This family is “picture perfect”. We had so much fun with standard poses, candids and some special creative shots! Here are some snapshots from our session.