Make Your Birthday a SMASHING SUCCESS.

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! Come the new year, I will be offering some new creative session options, including DELUXE cake smashes! I have teamed up with the fabulous Kendra Keyes, who runs Suga Suga Cakes (Lacey, WA) to truly make a birthday celebration special, and take the hassle out of bringing your own out for a shoot. She is an amazing baker, mama, and artist with tons of experience.kendrassc

To celebrate the kickoff and announcement to you all, we did a session with her darling little Zya to show a glimpse of one of her smash cakes and the fun to be had! Here, Zya had a beautiful multi-layer vanilla smash cake with peach/rose buttercream frosting and glitter (safe to eat of course). Deluxe cake smashes will have a custom theme and matching cake- and entail formal poses, the smash with a Suga Suga Cake included, and a little bath after. And as always, a digital gallery and several prints will be included with option to purchase larger pieces of art for your home or gifts. 🙂 

Smashes aren’t just for babies~ we can do this at any age (just no bath for older participants lol). Whether you, a friend or a little has a birthday coming up, contact me to book this smashing session and celebrate!

New session options and pricing will be released after the beginning of the new year, but you can ALWAYS enquire on booking in the meantime.

Visit Suga Suga Cakes on facebook, custom cakes for all events! 

Keep an eye out for new creative sessions and news on the LL facebook page! 

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The Classic Art Session

One session package available here at Lucky Lasso Studios is the “Classic Art” session. This is a really fun package that embraces history, art and culture- along with providing some neat pieces for your home decor!

I have always had a fascination with history, along with the creativity of humankind throughout all ages and stages of time. I find expression so interesting in all of its forms: art, photography, music, writing, architecture…. Even some people’s gardens inspire me! 🙂

With this series/session package, I provide outfits, props and setting that goes with an artistic theme. After the posing part of the session is over, I get to work in “Post Editing” by hand. During this part of the process, I tone the raw image, place in Photoshop and being to “hand paint”- matching the particular feels of oil art on canvas. I also add additional settings and/or details to give it a truly classic vibe. This style of editing and imagery is known as “painterly”.


Here are some examples of the “Classic Art” package, done here at Lucky Lasso Studios.

For further details and session pricing, click here.

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Thank you to my model Tanna ❤ 
Artist credit for wreath I used in photo 3: <a href=,lace_2181413.html>Graphics from</a>