Announcement: Session Changes

I have been in and out of deep thought as I create a new chapter and decide how to continue to help others shine- at this time, I will not be offering/booking standard custom sessions: however, I will be holding mini session events throughout the year to still help capture how beautiful life is, to fuel creativity, and to see all my wonderful Lucky Lasso clients!

To be real, it has been a bit difficult for me to accept that I will not be working in photography full time, but this thought/feeling has changed to one of pride: my full time job right now is one I feel so lucky to be able to have, and I embrace it: my kids need me, my husband needs me, the animals and garden need me, my soul needs me, and the house would be wreck without me runnin’ the show… LOL.

Keep your eyes out for the exclusive mini session events posted here, on facebook or sent out via email- I have some fun ideas for each of the themes and experiences to be had at each one!

*gift certificates and paid/previously booked sessions will still be honored, don’t you worry if you have a voucher or a date on the calendar already*



Baby Bunny Photoshoot? YES PLEASE.

A lot of folks don’t really know the magic here until they arrive for their first session. This isn’t your average portrait experience- you get to enjoy the property, relax, have fun with animals, and leave with memories captured. ❤ Kids LOVE the bunnies here… and so do I haha! Last night I took them all into the studio to check it out, they were pretty sleepy but still ADORABLE.

Here are some shots from lil’ my baby bunny session ❤

Come out and meet them! 

Note to my clients: Some are staying here, and some have already been spoken for, but when they are ready to find special homes my clients can come out and get first pick if interested, with a photo!  ❤ 


Fun, Fields and… A Star Wars Tea Party.

I am so excited to feature and share this session I had with the Chick Family. They are a beautiful couple, phenomenal parents and a spark of a family altogether. Amanda (mom) runs a business in Olympia to help Thurston County inmates transition to clean and sober housing while following up on their life changes and success. Chris (dad) is a dedicated and hardworking man of our military, the whole family dedicates all they can to the best outcome of our country. They have the sweetest, spunkiest little gal that just so happens to love STAR WARS- which put an extra soft spot in my heart on top of how incredible this family is!

Be bold, be you, be in the moment. 

…and enjoy every step of the way.

Pour tea for Darth Vader, embrace all the joys you have, love the little things- and the big things. Be like the Chicks. ❤

Here are some of the tea party and additional moments from our session, it was pure magic all around~

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Saying Goodbye to TOYS R US. <3

Today we said goodbye to a place that makes memories special to my heart. Times are changing, and people just don’t bring their kids to hang out in a toy store anymore…

I remember so vividly all the times I went to this toy store as a child. It was a big event. My father took me in and we ran around laughing as I was soaring in a world full of awe and excitement. I made friends. I played. I was filled with wonder. And I came home with something so special to me. I wanted to make sure our son had that experience before the opportunity was gone.

We brought Buzz Lightyear to find his friends, and we did! We rode bikes. We played around. We made a memory.

It saddens me that specialty stores like Toys r Us are disappearing, but it is a reality. I encourage you to take your little ones there to give them that feeling you remember growing up before the stores close! In our Washington area, there are stores in Olympia, Tacoma, and Puyallup.

Go make a memory, and maybe… say goodbye yourself. ❤

We’ll miss you, #toysrus



Thank You for… YOU

As I drink coffee like water and organize the numbers for the year, I want to thank each and every one of you for not just your business and trust but the pleasure of meeting you. This year has been an adventure and I have had such a pleasure meeting and working with such wonderful people. BIG THANKS from my assistant and I. ❤
With the New Year comes new efforts, goals and ideas, the facebook site will be changing a bit (merging with Linson Photographs) and I will be rolling out some fun contests, events and other surprises- keep an eye peeled for updates and fun from Lucky Lasso Studios!

HERE’S TO FAMILY, GOALS, AND COMMUNITY as we begin a fresh year.

Love to all, ~Kim and Jackson.momdaybbq17-40

Fall is Here!

Today we played in the leaves, enjoyed harvest and came inside long before dinner. Fall is here! As much as I miss summer, I love the autumn season– it seems like everything stands still and things settle down, while we start to really cherish everything and get ready for winter.

Props to my J for striking some poses in-between our adventures outside! The last photo on here is my favorite one of our shoot- I tried to capture how vivid his imagination is when we are outside. He is my wild thing.