Holiday Sessions on Mt. Rainier!

This year, I decided to put together a fun event for the holidays- one that brought families together to enjoy the season during the session. This past weekend was such a blast! We all met on Mt. Rainier to play in the snow, enjoy the scenery and really take in the the time of the year. I met some amazing folks and had a day full of fun.

It was a bit tricky to coordinate everyone to meet on a mountain, and we even changed our meeting spot the day of due to a winter storm hitting our higher up original location (of course it did LOL). But everyone made it to our meeting spot and I was able to snag some awesome shots in the snow.

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was such a pleasure to work with you all and truly have a day that brought the spirit of the season!

Here are some shots of the day, such a blast! Everyone in every session looked so great, and all kiddos did an awesome job, especially in 25 degree weather lol.

Thank you to some of my families that allowed me to share your special moments!

Happy holidays everyone~ enjoy this special time of the year. 

The Last Breath of Fall

My favorite session from this week features a fun and candid family and adorable fall feel.

Winter has made it’s mark here in Washington, most of the leaves are gone, the grass is green again and of course- the rain is here. However, for this session, we focused on the colors and vibes that were still shining, here at Lucky Lasso and at a nearby railroad.

And, luckily, the day was dry with sunshine beaming through the almost bare trees. ❤ All around perfect.

This family was a great pair with this shoot too- they were so candid and sincere, and their little boy had some fun with leaves and the “train place”.

I think it is important to notice and enjoy the surroundings in your shoot, (both photographer and models) especially when it has a certain theme. It was positive and fun for all of us, and I am so appreciative of it as I sit here writing this post with pouring rain outside.

Thank you for helping me appreciate and enjoy fall’s last breath, N, J and L!

Here is a glimpse of our shoot:



Hook, Line and SINKER!

How is this for an awesome memory- a pinup photo session with an old truck, then some country photos—– leading up to A SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT!!!!

This session was planned for a month, and Nick reached out to me secretly and made it even more amazing- he told me he wanted to surprise Ashley and propose DURING the shoot!


Toward the end of the shoot, we planned for me to tell her to lean on the truck and turn away, looking off in the distance. I then faked complaining that the shots were too dark, and pretended to struggle with holding a reflector, while telling her to stay still. That was his cue— he offered to help me hold the reflector, and when doing so, I handed it to him along with his ring. I pretended to explain catching light to him, and asked him to squat down and tilt it up so that her peripheral vision wouldn’t get suspicious. When she turned around the reflector was down and the ring was up!!! She was so surprised, he pulled it off perfectly!!!

Big congrats to this amazing couple, so happy for them! Look at some of the shots from our session, they are so genuine and fun- a truly perfect pair. ❤ 

Good job, Nick- you caught the big fish!!!! 

The Trick to a Succesful Toddler Shoot

What’s the trick to a successful toddler shoot- with smiles, poses and the capture of their personality?


Take a deep breath, and have fun. Try to not necessarily focus on the picture you are taking but more-so on the moment you are trying to capture. Be with them in that moment, and use your camera to allow you to look back on that through the years. Don’t stress about poses, wing it and let them contribute with their ideas- it will be rewarding for everyone!

Be silly– don’t make them dread pictures, make them have a fun experience! The best smiles are ones that are from being happy in the moment, not from someone telling you to smile a million times. And, if you both have a blast when taking pictures, your toddler just may ask you to do them all the time! WIN! It’s ok to ask them to show you a big smile, or look at you- I just recommend being silly and fun while you are interacting with them.

With this outlook, your toddler won’t feel he/she is being told what to do and feels helpful (which is a major difference maker lol), you won’t feel frustration, and you should end up with some AWESOME shots and a special time with your kiddo.

Candy is a plus to eat throughout the shoot too, but that goes with the whole “have fun” thing lol. 

Here are some shots from a session my son and I did today: 

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Indoor Studio Session with the Ever So Lovely Chloe.

Now that the indoor studio is all set up, I have been on a creative surge. Last night my sister in law came over to help me get to know the studio quirks that may need adjusting, and to have some fun with the new space!

She has been a gymnastic teacher for years now, so when I imagined out her shoot I wanted something “flowy” and artistic. In addition to this vibe, I wanted something that caught her beauty on the inside and out. She is a lover of nature, with a free spirit and a reflective mind. She still dresses nice, and I give her props: I have been dressing like a 90 year old since I turned 20 or so…  *I snuck in a picture of me to prove it hahaha*

I am so excited for the projects and sessions to come with the indoor studio. None of this would have been possible at this time without my amazing brother. I am so grateful for his kindness and how he is “always lookin’ out for little sis”. A few weeks ago, I had asked his opinion on some equipment I was saving for and he surprised me with amazing Paul C. Buff equipment. I believe what he did caused my creative surge more-so than the new studio in itself.

Here are some shots from our session:

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An Autumn Afternoon with the Heinrich Family

This shoot here at Lucky Lasso Studios yesterday was such a blast. The Heinrich family came out for some fall family photos, and we laughed our butts off. I am so grateful that I am able to not only work from home, but I get to share moments with so many amazing people! And hey, be sure to check out Rachael’s Farm page!

Rachael and Scott have a pure love that defies the test of time. It was like photographing a pair of teenage lovebirds- they are so in love and infatuated with one another.

The “kids” were so kind and fun. They aren’t really kids, one has just started college and the other is in high school. It was so refreshing to see how much they love their parents and how well they got along.

This family is “picture perfect”. We had so much fun with standard poses, candids and some special creative shots! Here are some snapshots from our session.


Chasing the Sun- Laughlin Engagement Shoot! 9/10/17

Oh. My. Georgia… Today was a blast- big congrats to Caitlynne and Marcus on their upcoming I do’s! When we initially made a plan, I discussed the theme and feel she really wanted. Sunset, field, outdoors… Loved it from the start. We shot here at Lucky Lasso Studios and chased the sun. I was a little worried earlier in the week about the smoke from all the wildfires around blocking light, making just a white air etc.. But it rained last night (typical Washington) and cleared the sky.

And they brought COCO the dog! Just a fun shoot all around with such a stunning capture. Very happy for these two, they were so natural and happy together the entire time.

Here are a couple snapshots of our engagement shoot~

Fall is Here!

Today we played in the leaves, enjoyed harvest and came inside long before dinner. Fall is here! As much as I miss summer, I love the autumn season– it seems like everything stands still and things settle down, while we start to really cherish everything and get ready for winter.

Props to my J for striking some poses in-between our adventures outside! The last photo on here is my favorite one of our shoot- I tried to capture how vivid his imagination is when we are outside. He is my wild thing.


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Up and Runnin’!


All locked and loaded, as of a few weeks ago Lucky Lasso Studios is ready to go, I have combined my love of music/photography/business, as well as my dream of jingle singing.   Please take a moment to check it out! And contact me for your creative projects!

Always do what you love, and make time for those you love.