Announcement: Session Changes

I have been in and out of deep thought as I create a new chapter and decide how to continue to help others shine- at this time, I will not be offering/booking standard custom sessions: however, I will be holding mini session events throughout the year to still help capture how beautiful life is, to fuel creativity, and to see all my wonderful Lucky Lasso clients!

To be real, it has been a bit difficult for me to accept that I will not be working in photography full time, but this thought/feeling has changed to one of pride: my full time job right now is one I feel so lucky to be able to have, and I embrace it: my kids need me, my husband needs me, the animals and garden need me, my soul needs me, and the house would be wreck without me runnin’ the show… LOL.

Keep your eyes out for the exclusive mini session events posted here, on facebook or sent out via email- I have some fun ideas for each of the themes and experiences to be had at each one!

*gift certificates and paid/previously booked sessions will still be honored, don’t you worry if you have a voucher or a date on the calendar already*



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