Hook, Line and SINKER!

How is this for an awesome memory- a pinup photo session with an old truck, then some country photos—– leading up to A SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT!!!!

This session was planned for a month, and Nick reached out to me secretly and made it even more amazing- he told me he wanted to surprise Ashley and propose DURING the shoot!


Toward the end of the shoot, we planned for me to tell her to lean on the truck and turn away, looking off in the distance. I then faked complaining that the shots were too dark, and pretended to struggle with holding a reflector, while telling her to stay still. That was his cue— he offered to help me hold the reflector, and when doing so, I handed it to him along with his ring. I pretended to explain catching light to him, and asked him to squat down and tilt it up so that her peripheral vision wouldn’t get suspicious. When she turned around the reflector was down and the ring was up!!! She was so surprised, he pulled it off perfectly!!!

Big congrats to this amazing couple, so happy for them! Look at some of the shots from our session, they are so genuine and fun- a truly perfect pair. ❤ 

Good job, Nick- you caught the big fish!!!! 

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