The Trick to a Succesful Toddler Shoot

What’s the trick to a successful toddler shoot- with smiles, poses and the capture of their personality?


Take a deep breath, and have fun. Try to not necessarily focus on the picture you are taking but more-so on the moment you are trying to capture. Be with them in that moment, and use your camera to allow you to look back on that through the years. Don’t stress about poses, wing it and let them contribute with their ideas- it will be rewarding for everyone!

Be silly– don’t make them dread pictures, make them have a fun experience! The best smiles are ones that are from being happy in the moment, not from someone telling you to smile a million times. And, if you both have a blast when taking pictures, your toddler just may ask you to do them all the time! WIN! It’s ok to ask them to show you a big smile, or look at you- I just recommend being silly and fun while you are interacting with them.

With this outlook, your toddler won’t feel he/she is being told what to do and feels helpful (which is a major difference maker lol), you won’t feel frustration, and you should end up with some AWESOME shots and a special time with your kiddo.

Candy is a plus to eat throughout the shoot too, but that goes with the whole “have fun” thing lol. 

Here are some shots from a session my son and I did today: 

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