Indoor Studio Session with the Ever So Lovely Chloe.

Now that the indoor studio is all set up, I have been on a creative surge. Last night my sister in law came over to help me get to know the studio quirks that may need adjusting, and to have some fun with the new space!

She has been a gymnastic teacher for years now, so when I imagined out her shoot I wanted something “flowy” and artistic. In addition to this vibe, I wanted something that caught her beauty on the inside and out. She is a lover of nature, with a free spirit and a reflective mind. She still dresses nice, and I give her props: I have been dressing like a 90 year old since I turned 20 or so…  *I snuck in a picture of me to prove it hahaha*

I am so excited for the projects and sessions to come with the indoor studio. None of this would have been possible at this time without my amazing brother. I am so grateful for his kindness and how he is “always lookin’ out for little sis”. A few weeks ago, I had asked his opinion on some equipment I was saving for and he surprised me with amazing Paul C. Buff equipment. I believe what he did caused my creative surge more-so than the new studio in itself.

Here are some shots from our session:

Want to book an indoor session here at Lucky Lasso? Visit the contact and booking page to get in touch! 

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